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Wrapping up


Feb. 27th, 2014


I only have a few days left now. Going home never felt so strange, or sounded so wonderful. This last week I've been busy making final preparations and installations for the show, getting my last tourist things done, and saying bye for now to family.

Setting up for the show - I had to do this at night in order for it to be dark enough to use the spot lamps. I also had to do this before they shut power down to the track lighting in the building, so it was a bit of a race against time.

The entrance

as soon as you walk in (that table will be covered in food later)

The kites - I mounted both on found wood. Mainly out of necessity, but also to keep consistent with the plexiglass pieces and the wood they are also mounted on. The wood also really echo's with my time here at JCCAC. They (studio mates) really are good at creating work from recycled materials. Found objects being upcycled seems to be the norm.

The installed the umbrella's in the open top area where the wind can really get to them.

As of this writing, the exhibit opening reception is tomorrow (but actually today). I'll make another post about how that goes and a summary of this experience later on.

The last thing I needed to do before I left Hong Kong aside from spending as much time with family as possible, was to revisit Cheung Chau Island. I only faintly remembered this place from my last visit, but I do remember the food being amazing. Fitting then, that my first and just about last (and all of them inbetween) blog posts are partly about food then, no? I managed to find the same restaurant I ate at last time I was here - and managed to find the exact same dish! Life goal = completed

I ate this whole plate by myself and I am not ashamed.

Food aside, Cheung Chau Island is an interesting place. Unlike the rest of Hong Kong, the atmosphere is much more relaxed. It makes sense, being on an island. No cars present except for emergency vehicles. Bicycles dominate.

And unlike the city, street furniture actually exists.

Despite this more calm demeanor, I couldn't help but feel that it would only get busier as the night went on, and people got hungry. I was right.

The ferry waiting zone

And now I'm tired and need to sleep, as it's 2am here. Good night for now.

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