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Week three (wrapping up)


July 26th, 2015



Everything is starting to come to a close. It's a strange feeling to be given a space with so much room for nothing but your own thought, and then to be counting down the clock for when it's all over. Back to reality, wherever that is. But it's been a very productive time and I've been fortunate to have floods of friends come through and offer their perspectives on the work, to help piece together my own thoughts. I've spent three years now on this same body of work, and it's been both a struggle and a real adventure along the way. In the earliest of the works, I was making it in an effort to define and place where home is. The work has changed since then, despite having many similar formal qualities today. I'm confident that I can define home, at least for myself, and that as a result has shifted the work without me ever fully confronting it, until now. The work today isn't about home, it's about letting it go, letting change happen, and letting new things in. It's been so great to be able to go back to Southern Alberta and reimagine, rework, and recreate with this new perspective.





Revisiting older forms in the work

The latest works produced by the Flying Wing!

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