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Getting settled


Jan. 14, 2014


Everyday here has been an adventure. Whether it be getting phone calls from relatives who I didn't even know were in town, having to find camera repair shops because I broke mine, exploring the local art scene, to chasing down supplies, each day has been an experience that won't be forgotten anytime soon. Now that I've somewhat gotten my directions figured out, I've been able to explore the city more and also get going in the studio (and what a space)!


First studio night. I actually got to choose between this space and the one pictured later. This one was hard to turn down, with an open wall facing the center of the building and one looking into the city scape and the field below. To be honest though, it was a bit too windy.



The view over the ledge

Here is the studio I ended up picking. Instead of a missing wall, it's missing a roof on one side! And it's great! Nothing beats natural sunlight - unless it rains, which would be pretty amazing too!

A look at the open top!

Along my search for material I ran across many jam packed shops like this one, full of anything from 100% metals to 100% fabrics! These shops would fill the entire streets, for example I walked three blocks and saw nothing but fabric stores. Hong Kong does this everywhere, some streets are nothing but shoes, others nothing but electronics. It makes shopping easy because if you don't like the vendor or their prices, step over to the next store and there's a good chance they have the exact same product or something similar.

Finally, after several days of searching I finally found some vinyl, thanks to my studio mates!

And of course some amazing street food in between. Even though I barely speak any of the language, a pointer finger and money is good enough in this city. I didn't even know what this was but it was delicious. Bacon wrapped anything is delicious.

One thing to note about this place is that you are not allowed to eat on the MTR (train) or MTR stations. So when I was lured into ordering these chicken wings at a station, they asked me if I wanted them to go or to stay. I didn't see any seating area so I was inclined to ask for them to stay out of curiosity of how this would work. It turns out you have to just stand there and eat them in front of the staff. A few others joined me, standing in front of the counter, nibbling away at whatever they had ordered to stay. I guess this is normal here.

KFC gives you gloves to eat with, other restaurants do this as well.

And I have some bad news. McDonald's no longer sells my favorite Taro root pie! Instead, they now sell my new favorite Red bean pie!

Uh oh.

I should stop blogging about food now, and instead show you this person that followed me in a fish suit!

Heading to the studio!

Apparently people take wedding photo's in this building, right in my studio! The to be husband did not seem pleased that I was in the room, but hey, it's kind of my space... I even put that bench there to use for supplies! Anyway, I wish them the best. And I swear, I did not take this sneaky shot of my lunch on purpose. It was there to keep the camera out of sight. I feel fat now.

Getting down to business! Look at all that math! No one would be proud.

Progress shot

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