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Getting into the thick of things


Feb. 15th, 2014


New years vibes are still out there. I still see locals giving each other red packets, two weeks after the main festivities are over. They seem to be just getting back into the swing of things, while decorations are slowly coming down. I've even heard Christmas music being played in some stores still. It's very strange to me. Most of the tourists have left though, many of whom were from mainland China. The people are so different from the locals here, despite belonging to the same Country. It was not uncommon for tourist attractions to be three hour lines during new years. The city felt even more packed then it already was, which got me thinking, how do artists manage to make work like this and get away with it? The following two images were taken in quite popular areas of Hong Kong, so it would be extremely difficult to not be spotted doing these. Not to mention their locations! The work as far as I know was done by street artist 'Space Invader'. Sorry for the cell phone pics.




Now you might be thinking that the artist clearly did these at night when no one was around. But until you've lived here for a while, you won't understand that you never really are alone here. Despite the quiet appearance of some area's, there is always someone else there, unless you're on top of a mountain. Even there you have a good chance of finding people. This city is just so packed with people and it hardly has any places to rest. Benches on the street? Nope. Benches at the mall? Nope. Benches at the bus stop? Nope. Benches at the train station? Yes, but there's only one and it only fits two people. If you stand still for a moment instead of following the crowd hoping to not get run over, you'll realize just how many people are moving about. I took these photo's at an intersection:

When you do finally find a park (or a 'street rest' as I've heard it referred to), they show a different side of people. All the stress of the everyday seems to be gone, and people are finally free to just relax for a moment, even if it may only be briefly. I snapped this shot of a cat in the street rest, which had captured the attention of a little girl as well.

And the Filipino workers out on a Sunday, gathering in a park to sing for Church

Getting back into the studio, or out of it, depending on how you look at it:

Getting ready for the final solo exhibition in this very studio space. Prints have been printed, pieces have been pieced back together, and something is forming.

Some night time shots of the space. My studio is in the center, between the large paintings and the blue wall.

I managed to make use of the plexi where it had smudged, thanks to some input from some studio mates. Mistakes open up new doors for possibility, if you let them.

It's been so great working with other artists through JCCAC in this last while, but also exploring the city and uncovering more of it you normally wouldn't see on your own. They seem surprised by my willingness to help, but it's all new for me. It isn't work, it's all an adventure. This past week the studio has been creating and setting up for a 15 couple wedding, one day before Valentines Day. The wedding happened at a 'zero emissions' building, solar power, eco friendly and the like. The idea was to have a 'low emission wedding', therefore only using recycled materials for decor. JCCAC was commissioned to tackle this project. I was able to help set up. Sorry once again for the cell phone pics on these ones.

All recycled skids and misc. found wood, hand painted

Loading the truck trailer

Final installation

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